About Us

How We Work

If a customer has a project they are considering all they need to do is call us. We are happy to come out and look at the property, or plans and discuss your vision.

If you have an idea, but don’t know the next steps to make your vision a reality, these are the projects that really excite us. We have an inhouse design team, as well as estimators that can help us provide you with the most innovative designs as well as a close estimate to what that project would cost.

Of course if you already have your plans, we would love the opportunity to meet with you and add any suggestions, if requested, and provide the cost to make your dream home a reality.

With decades of experience, we have an experienced team filled with trained designers, estimators, carpenters, all with years of experience to make us one of the most seasoned and respected teams of construction professionals in the Athens area. In addition to our seasoned staff, another way we are able to make our projects proceed with exceptional quality, and smooth and transparent flow, is with our industry leading technology.

Building on Experience

Together with our project software, we are able to keep our clients informed, week-by-week, or day-by-day if preferred. The client is able to communicate with his building team and keep minute by minute accounting of the schedule, the subcontractors, the progress and all aspects of the entire project as it proceeds from signing the initial contracts to receiving

Living in Athens

Set an hour outside of Atlanta, the Athens area has something for everyone. From Five Points, Boulevard, Oconee County, to the East Side or Winterville, Athens Georgia has a great deal of culture, beauty, and plenty of Southern hospitality.

Athens and its surrounding areas are home to a variety of industries, most prominently academics, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, and music. Hometown to some great bands, from REM to the B-52’s. From Country singers to Widespread Panic, music, food and a vibrant nightlife are all a part of Athens living.

Both in and around Athens, we enjoy an overall cost of living that’s lower than most metro areas in the U.S., which means your paycheck will stretch quite a bit further when you consider a new home in Athens.


Finally, probably the best thing about Athens, is the people and the community. In Athens, we don’t have traffic jams, and big city congestion. What we do have are city parks and walking trails. A great downtown, plenty of education and even more sports activities. We have people who care about this community, and you will see them when you go to your church, or synagogue. When you eat lunch during the week, or when you go shopping at the grocery store. In Athens, you will know your community and they will know you. And that is one of the greatest reasons why Athens is such a great place to call home.